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This newsletter caters to fans of Arsenal and analytics more generally. The readership ranges from journalists to club personnel to highly engaged and dedicated fans. The newsletter is published it at least three times a week (often more) and it features a mix of match coverage, analysis, and commentary.

There is also a podcast that goes out weekly on Fridays (with 2-3 bonus episodes a month) featuring analysis and interviews about Arsenal and topics about the Premier League.

Audience metrics

The newsletter: 

  • 4,509 subscribers (growing 15% per month)

  • Average of 3,850 views per post (opens + web views) in the first month

  • Average 43.25% open rate

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Newsletter Sponsorship

We send out the main free newsletter every Friday and that newsletter will have a maximum of one sponsor. 

The sponsorship will appear in the middle section of the newsletter. You’ll be responsible for writing the copy (we can assist) and it’ll be subject to approval.

What you’ll get:

  • 1500x1000 banner image

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BONUS: Your ad will live on the article in perpetuity. Why does this matter? Because at least 20% of web visits come from search, meaning that once the article is indexed in search engines your ad will continue to be exposed to users long after it ran in the newsletter.

Podcast Sponsorship

Not available at this time

This is still a new offering and we are looking to develop and grow this before looking to include sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in including this with a newsletter sponsorship let us know and we will be in contact when this becomes available.


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