It was our best out of possession game under Arteta, it’s quite something to limit City 4 shots and 1 on target.

Raya wasn’t nervy in my view I just don’t get this mainstream narrative at all. He made a couple of mistakes, he wasn’t nervous he was doing what Mikel had told to do.

The field tilt tells us all we need to know, and especially in the 2nd half which Arsenal pretty much dominated.

I’m not buying the Rodri was missing narrative either, we had Timber and Saka missing and Partey and Martinelli didn’t get on the pitch till the second half.

It was a truly magnificent performance from Arsenal and necessary against City.

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Don’t know why you waste your time putting together these stats! The only stat important here is “1 - Time left Halaand crumpled to the ground after he attempted to shoulder barge him” 😌😏

Awesome write up as always. COYG

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Scott did this match have any impact on overall season projections or ratings?

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Yeah it will. It will run tonight but I expect that Arsenal will see a nice bump in their odds.

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