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I seem to recall him being reliably linked with Crystal Palace in the past? Given how likely it is that their front 3 will lose at least one key player (perhaps even to Arsenal) I can see him working well in Glasner's set-up. Villa have probably also grown past him, but I could see him at Fulham given they like to progress centrally and are not an overly intense pressing team, reducing his injury risk somewhat.

I would love to see him play more at Arsenal, but the reality is he's probably a Europa-League winning player rather than a Champion's League team performer. That said, we always focus on England, but look at what players like Politic, Abraham, and Tierney have been able to string together on the continent. I don't see any reason he couldn't add quality to one of Italy's 17 UCL sides next year. Plus, who wouldn't want to live in Bergamo or Milan when they're 23?!

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