Mar 29 • 15M

The 4th Place Trophy Battle

Checking in on the race for the final Champions League spots


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Scott Willis
Thoughts and analysis on Arsenal and the football (soccer) world at large.
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I haven’t been quite as plugged into the race for the Champions League this year as I had expected at the start of the year. Thankfully that has meant that I am more concerned about the title race instead but I still find the race for the final Champions League spots interesting and for that I got help from Mike Goodman from the Double Pivot Podcast and CBS Senior Soccer Editor Sports Golazo Starting XI Newsletter.

Mike helped me go through all the teams and help to take my thoughts from a distance and turn them into a more coherent story of what is going on with them and what they have for the rest of the season.

I recommend listening but to go along with this I have also pulled together some stats and thoughts for each team as well.

Manchester United

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