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Cannon Stats #19 - Big Games and False Positions

Cannon Stats #19 - Big Games and False Positions

Preview of the big match, after the big win, plus more
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The Cannon Stats podcast is back with a full slate of things to cover.

Chelsea Preview

  • Chelsea are still dealing with quite a few injuries. Looks like James is a doubt, Borja a doubt, Chilwell out. How will that effect the lineups for both teams?

  • What to make of their metrics. Good numbers, bad results, easy schedule

  • They are 4th in expected points, and ranked as the 5th best team in the Premier League in projection model ratings, looking at only this season’s data they are tied with Tottenham as the 6th best team.

  • Adjusted for the strength of the schedule they have played they are 7th.

  • How should Arsenal line up?

Eddie and Toney

This topic feels a bit never-ending but I did add to it with a look into this on the newsletter.

Arteta was also asked about the striker situation and if he would like an out and out ‘Number Nine’ with Arsenal.

"I think having players with different qualities gives you different options and it is always related to the opponent, what behaviors they have, and what other players you have around that number nine.

If you have midfielders as wingers wanting the ball to feet, a nine that wants to come to feet, and attacking midfielders that are more holding midfielders, you don't have any threat. If you have a nine that wants to come forward, attacking midfielders are constantly threatening the last line, proper wingers - then it becomes a different threat.

You have players in the last line that can progress the play, do you have players in the last line that can link those pockets and make the runs that attract central defenders? It depends a lot on the qualities of all the players - you can’t just isolate the nine, you have to see the whole thing; how he connects and what kind of threats and things that you do.

Surely if you don't have a big nine inside the box, you lose something. If you're going to start crossing with your full-backs you're going to probably have an issue. But there are many ways to attack and depending on the opponent, maybe that option is better than another one."

Last if you are in the area, you should look to join the Midwest Meet Up in the Twin Cities. Adam will look to be there, along with Elliot and Paul from the Arsenal Vision Podcast.

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